The Big Wave : A haibu

My life resurfaced in a wave upon a shore,

Oh! how time told a different story,

there was a tale, of a tale told.


My childhood dreams

got tossed out to  the seas.

And the tale told lies of my  years.

A long time ago I dreamt like all girls. A good desire for a happy life with a good man who provided for his family. But when I tried to make that happen to get through school, I could not succeed. I quickly learned that would not be accomplished then because I had lied to myself and other people. My life turned into put downs and push downs. Because I was not honest with myself. I reasoned like a selfish child. That was the truth.

Frantine Speer


Poem- I Can’t Come Tonight by jotabouts

I keep walking alone.


These days they seem so lonely.
Now that you are gone.
We’ve always been together.
We’ve never wandered far.
But now that I must travel,
Alone and on my own.
My memories they battle,
the longings of my heart.
I wish for you each morning.
I cry for you each night.
I wish I could be with you.
But I can’t come tonight.
So I wake up every morning.
Take a weighted step.
Longing for the day,
When I breath my last breath.

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Performance by Frantine Speer

After completing training for work at the library I read books to get motivation. I had to look into leadership books. One book, The Tao of Personal Leadership by Diane Leher, made me realize something about the environment at work. I realize that I choose to see patterns of the group. Diane believes that we need to “see details that fit in larger patterns of significance .” This belief combined with my perspective with work considers so many cultural differences. I don’t have to be in the corner. With that said, my years of education and work helped define my characteristic perspectives. I learned to consider the other person. Personally, if I offer help that is a choice to accept.

Now professionally I believe that I can be a leader using my learned experience to show respect. The book I am reading will help me use my beliefs that I believe within my heart are the best. Keeping colleagues on task within the group is better than keeping colleagues out of the workings of the environment. What it takes to be a leader is consider the other people to play an active role in the environment. They can take control of the task. And no one gets shunned out of respect for one another. Everyone has a role in the house and that is to keep the structure. It eases the mind. That is personal peace.